We create dreams for the future.
By Simplifying + Empowering business’s for success.”.

Imagine you have to only focus on providing the optimal service and product to your customers and ZOTTO run’s rest of your business for you. That’s our goal at ZOTTO. From simplification of taking orders to employee management, one-click payments, and to secure banking. We’re here to help you get more from your business.
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The Foundation

ZOTTO (as the Cibo App back then) began thanks to the commitment and passion of Faridoon Qazi and Mahesh Godara. Back in 2015, an ideologist and an executor both searched for a way to change how small and medium size business owners were running their businesses.


First Product

ZOTTO (then Cibo App) launch the first completely android based restaurant Point of sales solutiononto the market.


Complete Venue Management

ZOTTO (As Cibo App) launched a complete venue management platform for the hospitality industry, the first of its kind to the market.


Vincenzo Robert&Payments

Our director Vincenzo Roberti joined Zotto. ZOTTO (AsCibo App) entered the payments market as an FCA authorized financial institution.



Cibo App pivoted to ZOTTO, an end to end business platform, providing services from Banking to Venue management.


No matter how good we think Zotto is, and we are a bit biased there, the voices that really matter are those who use our platform and tools every day to run their businesses. So, don’t take our word for it, listen to industry experts who rely on Zotto to make a living.