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Tailored Made For YOUR Webstore & Mobile App

Zotto hospitality ecosystems Banking, Payments and Automation services bring together the simplest integration procedures, omnichannel payments, and instant settlement of your funds.

Run a smart web store on any device or channel, whatever your business model. You’ll be up and running payments & banking within 24 hr.

Smart enough to integrate in a few minutes, with a full range of payment options, for any business and industry, so you can give shoppers the experiences they expect.

With ZOTTO you can focus on your customers and service.

Easy, Flexible, & Smart


Business To Consumer

Using ZOTTO's open API & Plugin's, build unique branded payment experiences, for your customers.

Customize payment flows,
Customized layouts
Digital receipts
apply discounts,
one-click payments
Avoid common fraud attacks with an AI powered and rule based risk system.

More Features

Virtual Terminal
Turn your computer, mobile phone or tablet into an online card payment machine.
Take payments by email and SMS.
ZOTTO provides you tools to market your products to new and existing customers, Happy Hours, Discounts, Coupons and more.
Gift Card
Issue Customized loyalty and gift cards to your customers, your customers can buy gift and loyalty cards from your website and pay or top-up online
Client Managment
As better you know your customer, better you can provide world-class service. Know what your customers like, how often they visit yourswebsite.
Instant settlement
Accepted funds are credited instantly to your Zotto merchant account.

Tools to build your business

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